Small Control Systems


Draft, implementation and repairs of electronics


Contains selected devices of older design

A minimal logical automaton MLASK-mini


JSimple single-board microcomputer (on a 55x45mm board) it is especially suitable for temperature regulation and implementation of combined timers, generally when requested to view a set parameters in RAM (or external EEPROM). Building kit contains the components in the schematic including the AT 89C2051 processor, 2-digit LED display and 2 buttons. To the 2x5pin connector next to the power supply (4 to 6 Vdc), they lead to 2 free inputs and 2 outputs switching transistors with o.k. Assembly library of subprograms complement the clock, communication protocols for temperature sensors SMT160 and DS1820/21 (parameters of sensors) I2C bus emulation, PD controller, and a few others. PCB is single-sided, tin-plated, with mask, print, drilled holes. Transferring a program from a PC to a flash EPROM processor requires a simple HW programmer. The construction was printed in the magazine "KTE-Radio+" 5/98. The entire kit cost 300 CZK (only the board 55 CZK). Files for the Mlask-mini microcomputer:

mmlib.ZIP library with library general function
exe.ZIP library with assembler, linker,..
pulsy.ZIP library of monostable generation pulses and oscillations of set lengths
termos.ZIP library of thermostat: settings heating, cooling, time program
regtep.ZIP library of PD temperature regulator with time program options, EEPROM