Small Control Systems


Draft, implementation and repairs of electronics


Control relays of alternator

Control relays of alternator with excitation current up to 3.5A for charging of 24V battery. It is used in bus Karosa, where alternator 180A was replaced instead of faulty alternator 120A . An original control relay is no usable, its function is always stops after a few minutes of operation;reason could be overheating due to higher excitation current of new alternator. Powerful regulator was not affordable, so I needed the regulator made. The proposal takes into account the requirement of low current drain from the battery (max. 4 mA). Reg. Relay is protected by a transparent silicone cables are terminated by faston contacts. Price is 13Eur. On the two pictures is the original controller for comparison shown in black housing .   reglehp
regledp regleona regleonb regle24Vsch