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EC motor control module

motordriver motordriver motordriver motordriver Small module, equipped by IC DRV10983 the Texas Instruments is designed to drive 3f. brushless (EC) motors for  8-28V DC. It use sensorless control of commutation. The starting torque is determined by momentary current limited max. 2,8A. Speed of the motor can be controlled by PWM input of speed (not associated with PWM outputs), by analog voltage or by serial I2C bus. It also allows you to configure the circuit or to read parameters. Our own program for Windows
allows you besides creating a configuration file also to control and measurement via HW converter MCP2221. (Reprogramming of EEPROM in circuit by received configuration file in case you have no USB/I2C transmitter , is free) To manually control you need only analog potentiometer and switch of the direction  "DIR". Each rotation can be detected in the form of a pulse on output "PG".
All connections including ground are guided on the side of parts  . This ground is conductively connected to the shielding and cooling 35um copper on the bottom side of the module.
Price of the assembled board is 7 Euro, shipping is 1 Euro