Small Control Systems


Draft, implementation and repairs of electronics

EC motor control board 24V, 15A

motordriver motordriver motordriver motordriver motordriver Multi-purpose BLDC board is originally designed and used mainly for driving small industrial brakes with brushless DC motor, equipped with Hall sensors, and worm gearbox. The brake is controlled by a switch from the box, connected by a communication cable. A serial line with an RS485C interface is also routed through this cable. Line Modbus RTU protocol mediates signaling in the controller as well as monitoring and parameter setting by the program in Windows 10. The board is operated with geared motors Minitecno BLS043.240 , BLY57530, Maxon EC32 . Controller is freely programmable in MPLABX , this program is here on Github. .

Pcb „BRAKE 1/22“,“5/23“ " (*): only „BRAKE 5/23“ board
Power voltage: 15…30V
Max.continuous motor current: 15A
Quiet current: 36mA
Inputs from motor Hall sensor: 5V
Switching input SW: (*)12…24V
"Communication: Serial async. (*)RS485-C, with Modbus-RTU slave (Fc 3,4,16)"
Program upgrade using asynchronous serial bootloader can be used
Programmer/debugger 5V inputs/outputs both can be freely programmed