Small Control Systems


Draft, implementation and repairs of electronics

The compact drive of 2 EC motors

motordriver motordriver motordriver motordriver The compact drive of two or more motors incorporates sensors and communication interface. It is intended for EC motors or their combination with DC or stepping motors. The EC motor with three Hall sensors on the stator can detected rest position of the rotor, what means easy start-up and operation at low speeds. 16-bit DSC Microchip provides PI control of motors, short-circuit protection and thermal protection of motors, collection and evaluation of the scanned data, communication protocols over serial RS485 or CAN bus. Operational and error status are displayed by LED eg. in Morse code. The PCB on fig. is equipped of two power stages L6234 , accelerometer for precise measurement of incline and tilt , temperature sensor , absolute pressure sensor 0..250kPa, potentiometers for setting parameters. It was used to drive of special trolley with the leveling of the tilt. The drive concept is suitable for both the software and hardware modifications ( power stages DRV8332 , bridge of discrete MOSFETs ) ECserieD ECserieH ECserieB