Small Control Systems


Draft, implementation and repairs of electronics



   Our workshop currently works with these operating systems: Linux (Kubuntu), Android and Windows
To creating programs for microcontrollers mostly we use freeware version of the development environment that are sufficient for a not very complicated  application . When microcontroller is used then clearly structured, reliable, fast program without delay is the result. The program takes full advantage of the hardware interfaces through its service functions of interrupt (eg :) IICmaster.zipdevelop   The program of PIC controller now can be upgraded without special programmer. Inserted bootloader makes this throught serial interface (USB) from a Windows system.
  Although devices usually works alone, sometimes it is necessary to ensure the control and monitoring (via serial link) in the window, created for one of the above operating systems. Examples of control in Windows OS (without the device, however, the programs do not work fully): Setting I2C chip
, coordinate spot welder kn , control of piston cylinder  valec, Test of IP communication Marat, used at Wi-Fi modules
You can cooperate with another (e.g. industrial) equipment, if applicable communication protocol  is available.  E.g. remote control of inspection robots was adapted into packet protocol "Visca" for the control of industrial Sony camcorders.