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Termospínač pro termočlánekfoto

Schematic of the thermostat , Function and connection of terminals

Input: K-type thermocouple (chromel/alumel), -200 to 1370°C (not included), or other Output: galvanically isolated Omron relay contacts 250V/5A Power supply: 22-30V DC, current consumption max. 50mA Design: On 1-sided PCB 47x73mm, tin, mask, print, for E72 support on DIN35 rail, CUM, CUF terminals Environment: basic, ambient temperature 0 to 60°C Setting the switching temperature: with a 20-turn trimmer in the desired range Accuracy +/- 10°C, temperature compensation of the cold end of the thermocouple. Switching hysteresis according to request with an accuracy of +/-5°C Delivery time: 14 days Price: 350 CZK without VAT