Small Control Systems


Draft, implementation and repairs of electronics


Contains selected devices of older design

sklon Inclinometer board It is used to determine the horizontal position, measure the longitudinal inclination and transverse inclination of the sensor plate, as well as the temperature. It sends the results to the RS485 (+5V) serial line. For communication, it uses the standard protocol for remote control of cameras "VISCA" fy. Sony with a transmission speed of 9600bps. The communication protocol can be compiled according to the requirements. Parameters: board size 70x15mm, screw holes D=2.5mm, hole spacing 64.5x11mm. Slope and tilt resolution 0.1˚, temperature 0.4˚C. The measurement accuracy is +-0.5˚ from 0˚ to +-30˚,+-1˚ to +-60˚. Supply voltage +12VDC (+8...+13V). Current consumption: approx. 5mA + current into serial link 4-pin connection. Molex connector: 1: RS485-A, 2: RS485-B, 3: ground, 4: supply voltage +12V. Function: The ADXL213 sensor measures the projections of gravitational acceleration into the longitudinal and transverse axes of the board, the PIC16F688 controller performs conversions to angular ˚ using the arcsin(x) function. Inertial acceleration will in principle manifest itself as an error. The influence of vibrations is dampened by the sensor's RC filter (-20dB/dec.), which here is set to -3dB at 5Hz. The controller can average the measurements and thereby filter random errors. The sensor is temperature-stabilized, the temperature compensation of tilt and tilt, as well as their zeroing in a horizontal position, can be set via a serial line