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USB / I2C+UART converter


The circuit board  is equipped with Microchip MCP2221 converter. It enables communication of host computer, equipped of USB, with instrumentation bus I2C, UART or SMB.
 USB device uses the I2C (SMBus) in the "Master" mode , ie. allows you to read registers of "Slave"circuits , or to write into them. Microchip provides for communication  programs and drivers for OS Windows, Apple, Linux a Android. Windows driver is also part of own program  for communication with some types of I2C circuits:
Similarly, the USB device may communicate with the chips that have asynchronous UART,  e.g.  by the driver of "Virtual COM Port" in Windows OS.
Pads in addition to choice 5V or 3.3V power supply lets you connect LEDs for indication of transmission. 30x19mm plate fitted with a USB connector mini costs 5Eur.