Small Control Systems


Draft, implementation and repairs of electronics

 A set of these cards can serve as a cost-effective alternative to small PLCs. It is based on presses, cameras, winders, coordinate drives, dispensers, etc., which are used in the past, such as precision converters, power drivers, WiFi modules. Simple conception and good connectivity make it easy to design a new card according to customer requirements. Effective, flexible "firmware" is documented and freely customizable, just like a Windows and Android monitoring and control program. Each of the 10x8cm cards is autonomous, the cards can be pushed in two, sometimes three, in the sprung Alu cases. The programs are debugging now and then will be placed here.

Ready-made prototypes:
- 4-channel 24-bit A / D converter card, precision reference temperature sensor, 7x digital output to the open collector of the transistor. Application: Direct voltage measurement (thermocouples) or proportional measurement (resistance sensors), regulation of measured quantities. Scheme  Card
-Card with two 3-phase drives up to 50V DC + analogue and digital input.
Application: 2 EC (BL DC) motors up to 5A with Hall rotor position sensors Scheme Card upper  Card bottom
- Combined card: 4 differential inputs, 2x 16-bit D / A converters with outputs
0-10V i 4-20mA plus 1 analog input and 4x digital output to the open collector of the transistor. Application example: Incremental encoder (encoder) or converting function to exact analogue output Scheme Card .

- WiFi card and ESP32 Bluetooth module. Usage: Wireless and wired communication in conjunction with input / output control and control.
-Partner card with 3-phase drive, 230VAC supply, optical separation of communication circuits. Application: Small 3-phase motor drive inverter or 230V EC motor drive.
Card with 3-phase drive max. 50V DC, 8A. Application: EC (BLDC) motor with Hall sensors or sensor-free EC motor with speed and torque control.
-Card with digital optically isolated inputs and outputs. Usage: Common logic automaton.

Card prices 40-80E excluding VAT including basic SW