Small Control Systems


Draft, implementation and repairs of electronics


Installation devices:

I also perform atypical electrical installations, among others the following start-up of a 4kW asynchronous motor: The 3x380V motor (to Y) drives the flywheel of the eccentric belt press. These slipped on the pulley during start-up and wore out quickly. To extend the life of the expensive belts, it was necessary to extend the flywheel spin time. Older frequency converters with 3x220V output were available. I used an auxiliary PCB where a simple PIC controller program provides the switching sequence. Immediately after reaching the working speed, the motor is reliably disconnected from the inverter and after a delay of approx. 0.5s connected to the 3x380V network. Only then can the drive be loaded with a press tool. invertorstaian2dpsdiagramtaian2sch