Small Control Systems


Draft, implementation and repairs of electronics



Encoder/analog schemaThe transducer is controlled by the 16-bit DSC dsPIC33EP.. . DSC includes QEI  module that enable to evaluate with precision 1/4 periods even quick incremental pulses of precision encoders. The 16-bit converter DAC8760 provides voltage and current output. By default, the output value varies in proportion to the distance from the starting point (output 0V,4mA) to the end point (output 10V,20mA). Instead simple linear function  you can enter polyline from computer . In current mode, the converter operates independently. The default values ​​from computer are permanently stored in the FEPROM of DSC.The transducer can be used as a slave of computer to measuring the length and simultaneously as its analog output. At the beginning of program memory of controller  is located  bootloader, allowing to update program from your computer via a serial line.  The control program for Windows in setting the output is adapted to   datasheet of DA konvertor. The card was put into operation in prototype form at the one-sided PCB. The price of the card( already as a professional printed circuit board) including the software is 35 Euro without VAT.
EncoderAnalog Encoder/analog side A

encanal  scheme