Small Control Systems


Draft, implementation and repairs of electronics


Contains selected devices of older design

Microcomputer for measurement and regulation

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JIt is mainly intended for measuring ss. millivolt voltages, e.g. from thermocouples from 4 or up to 6 channels. Direct connections of temperature sensors, e.g. Pt100, further bridge measurements or measurements from other input voltage ranges - e.g. 0-10V - are also possible. The design is a 2-sided metallized PCB 93x84mm, HAL tinning. The possibility of fitting into a support on a DIN35 rail. Connection of analog I/O, RS485 and power supply - with terminals, RS232-connector Canon 9 pin male (for connection to a PC with a zero modem), digital inputs and outputs of the processor on connectors (with latches) 2x5 and2x8 pins for connecting flat cables. The boards are in the paddock - they have a controller with with an Intel 8051 type core, which replaces the Microchip controllers.
Schematic a board

Peripheral boards with communication of RS485:
LED display 2x9 digits with buttons Photo from above Photo from below Schematic board
Opticky oddělené V/V s triaky Photo Schematic board