Small Control Systems

Draft, implementation  and repairs of electronics & software

A cost-effective alternative to small PLCs from machine technology to lab
. It is an open set of autonomous cards that communicate with each other and also with a computer and wifi. It uses modern integrated circuits of proven world manufacturers, such as accurate converters and efficient power drivers. It reflects elements of the electronic system of car.  Effective control programs are debuged in freeware version of top development environment. Programs are documented and can be customized freely. An unit unifies diverse custom-made equipments-presses, camera trolleys, winders, coordinate drives, dispensers, ..
Amper Technical specification of control cards:

4x analog 24-bit differential inputs - milivolts(thermocouples) or proportional measurement(variable to ethalon resistance)
2x inputs for incremental encoders
2x analog 16-bit outputs 0-10V and/or 4-20mA
EC drives for 2 BLDC motors max. 50V, 6A DC
Digital optically isolated inputs and outputs.
They are controlled by dsPIC16 Microchip chips, in the future by SAM controllers.

WiFi and Bluetooth cards, control via the ESP32 control system.

It is based on devices made in recent years to order. They are now edited into a uniform 10x8cm plug-in card with integrated communication,and complete with a WiFi card. The cards can be pushed into e.g. sprung aluminum case at the maximum of 3 cards. They are powered from DC. 24VDC sources and can be connected to a computer (Rapsberry Pi with touch screen or PC).