Small Control Systems


Draft, implementation and repairs of electronics


Design and realization of electronics

 Customer electronics.
 I suggest small electronic devices and ensure their implementation. It is the following routine:

-the automation of process equipment
-measurement and control systems
"Internet of things"

 Prototypes, single PCB manufacturing Serial PCB production
Own manufacturing of one-side PCBs. Laser cutting of plastic matrix It is entered by manufacturers - PCBs with coper vias, tinning HAL, soldering mask, printing 
Hand mounting,  soldering  in reflow oven Fitting PCBs can be enter of specialized company

Internet of things
ESP pack ESP pack ESP32a ESP32bOne of the cheapest and most used IoT modules on the market, Espressif WROOM02(32) serves as a Wifi station or access point with an IP address and DNS, DHCP, and so on. They have a 32-bit processor that can perform countless functions, from simple logic to sophisticated controllers.

 Application examples:
Remote control drive of carriages with videocameras - Ibos, Czech Budweis
Modernization of control of presses of plastics -JP plastic, Sudoměřice by Tabor